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Rio Tierra Junior High

Your Neighborhood 7-8 School

Rio Tierra Junior High

Your Neighborhood 7-8 School


Each year ALL students will make one year’s growth or more in every subject.


We are committed to helping students become successful in junior high
so that they are empowered to make an impact on their own lives and in their community.

Core Values


We embrace struggle as an opportunity for growth. We use a growth mindset and never give up. We problem solve and try our best to learn as much as we can.


Rio Tierra creates community through building trust and creating in a safe environment by encouraging student voice.Rio Tierra shares visions of safety: students can then choose to safely come to school. 


Integrity is putting into action what you say you are going to do. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.


Only by being responsible today, can we build a better tomorrow. We demonstrate responsibility by accomplishing our academic and personal goals. Responsibility is completing the task you are given.


We value equality, awareness of others people's situations and perspective-taking. We set examples, actively listen and learn from others, and show “concern without judgment”. We strive to understand the perspectives of others.


Pioneers will use positive language to express themselves and show compassion to others.