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Rio Tierra Junior High

Your Neighborhood 7-8 School
GeoHive_Global Statistics
The data at this site ranges from country profiles (provinces and main cities) to the highest mountains in the world, to a list of all countries in the world with their capitals, surface area and population. Nicely done tables and charts with sources cited in all cases. Check out the Charts section for some great data presentations that include: most populous countries, longest rivers, largest companies, biggest islands, and religions with number of members.

Use this site to "view and compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations." Includes a wide variety of information on many different countries, from population to the level of carbon emission, from the average temperature to the GDP." Material is also available in Spanish and French.

American FactFinder
Uses Census Bureau data--population, housing, economic, and geographic--to create tables, reports, and maps down to the census block level. Data sets are listed by program area (census or survey) and year. Site includes community profiles; data on age, education, income, and race; home values, ownership, and mortgage information; and information on foreign trade, governments, and housing starts. Searchable by keyword or place name. Includes tutorials and a glossary.
This site provides comprehensive and comparative information on the public policies of all 50 states. It contains current and archived news, a calendar of events, and background information about the states and their governments. The information is accessed either by the issues (such as health care, education, welfare, and utility deregulation) or by the state. Statistical data tables include: budget and taxes; crime and prisons; environment; highways and transportation; income and poverty; and population; as well as the specific issues listed above. From the Pew Center on the States.

Bureau of Labor Statistics  we have already used this one!
Easy entry into the full range of economic data and analysis produced by BLS. Here is where you'll find the statistics and reports on employment and unemployment, price (such as the Consumer Price Index), living conditions, compensation, productivity, and more.  LII

Population Reference Bureau

The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) website provides a comprehensive virtual gateway to data and reports on population trends. Most useful to first-time users is the access by topic, available from the left sidebar menu, which includes 16 subjects ranging from education to gender to income and race. Also found here are menu options for the six major regions of the world, and links for quick access to PRB's main focus areas of health, environment, and population trends. Other features of interest on this site are the "DataFinder," which offers searching by 95 demographic variables for 220 nations of the world, as well as for the United States and individual states. Also useful is the extensive "Glossary of Population Terms," which includes dozens of definitions related to the study of demographics.  LII

Sports Statistics

 How do TV commentators know that Barry Bonds' batting performance in the first two weeks of May was the worst ever by a player who had hit over .400 in April? The web offers an embarrassment of riches in sports statistics, and the American Statistical Association, which normally concerns itself with weightier matters, offers a portal with links to a couple dozen statistical sites covering sports, major and minor.

United States Census and we have explored this before
Census 2000 statistics in the following categories: people, business, geography, newsroom, and special topics.  The site includes complete access to the Statistical Abstract of the United States and quick access to information by location using the American FactFinder.  LII