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Rio Tierra Junior High

Your Neighborhood 7-8 School

Rio Tierra Junior High

Your Neighborhood 7-8 School

Get Help

people helping climb up mountain and sign that says advice, help, support
everyone needs help sometimes!

everyone needs help sometimes!

If you are feeling like you need help, support, advice, or some resources you are in the right place.  We know it can be hard but being able to ask for help is one of the most important skills you can learn that will contribute to your success now, here at Rio Tierra, through high school, and even when you are an adult.  Below are resources for you to use to get the support you need whether it is in academics, emotional support, mental health resources, or asking an adult at Rio Tierra for some assistance working out a problem.  We are here to help, all you have to do is ask!
Request Help at School

Request Help at School

Conflict with a Student

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If you are having a problem with another student and want help resolving the issue so it doesn't turn in to something bigger, we can help.  It is confidential and we will always speak to the person requesting help first before doing anything else.
Request a RESTORATIVE CONFERENCE to help solve an issue with another student.

Grades & Homework

Did you know that you can get a tutor for free 24 hours a day?  Use your Paper app on your student apps homepage.  Tutors work with you on all subjects with all sorts of assignments and homework.  You can even submit a paper for proof reading and they will give you feedback on spelling, grammar, and subject matter.  
  • It's free
  • It's 24 hours a day
  • Tutors are available in most languages
  • Communicate by typing in a message box with your tutor
  • Speech to text capability & you can have your tutor's messages read to you
For more information on Paper tutoring and a lot of other resources to help with academics head to the ACADEMICS page under counseling.
DID YOU ALSO KNOW...tha many Rio Tierra teachers will stay after school to help students.  All you have to do is ask!  If they can't, they will know someone that is able.
AND you might consider joining the after school program, they set aside time to help students with homework every day.  Have your parent/guardian follow the link to fill out an interest form.


Ross and RachelKevin from home alone surprise faceThe hulk angry
Need to be in your feelings?
Need some tools to work through your anger, stress, or anxiety?
Need someone to talk to about something private that is happening in your life but you don't have anyone to talk to?
Need a space to just be for a minute?
Mrs. Juarros can help you with all of this and more!  She is located next to the cafeteria entrance to the left of the Health Office.  Rain or shine, hot or cold she almost always has her door open (when it's closed she is most likely out on campus or with a student).  You can come talk to her any time.  Be sure to ask for a pass from your teacher.  If it is between classes, check in with your next teacher and get a pass so you are not marked absent.  You can also fill out this confidential Request for Support Form to ask to meet with Mrs. Juarros.

Mental Health

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Sometimes we all need a little more than just a hug, a person to listen to us, or a space to be in.  We need a little more support for a little longer.  Rio Tierra has a licensed therapist, Mr. Pantoga, who is on campus every day to meet with students.  He is located in room 15.  You can access his services through a referral from Mrs. Juarros or stop by to introduce yourself.  You can also fill out this confidential Request for Support Form.  If you need support right now, seek out Mrs. Juarros, Mr. Pantoga, or a trusted adult to help you connect with one of us.
Teen Crisis & Prevention Resources

Teen Crisis & Prevention Resources

TEXT Teen Line

Text "TEEN" to 839863 between 6:00pm-9:00pm PST to speak with one of our teens. You can also go to their website and connect with other teens using their message boards.
Visit Teen Line's website HERE
*Also available: call, email

CALL California Youth Crisis Hotline

Call the Crisis Line if you need to talk or just need someone to listen.
24 hrs a day/7 days a week
Call 1-800-843-5200 or chat online
Check out CA Youth Crisis Line's website HERE
*Also available:chat, text

SPANISH Language Lifeline

Si necesita ayuda y necesita alguien con quien hablar que hable español llame
(888) 628-9454 

US National Suicide/Crisis Lifeline

For Immediate help call 988 from any phone
Text HOME to 741-741
Additional Resources

Additional Resources


arms ripping open shirt to reveal rainbow stripes
You can find resources for students who identify as LGBTQIA+ on our LGBTQIA+ page under counseling.  
If you have questions about your rights as an LGBTQIA student please reach out to a trusted adult on campus.  You can also speak confidentially to Mrs. Juarros or Mr. Pantoga.  

Report Bullying

student being picked on see something say something
Bullying is when one person or group is intentionally hurting another person repeatedly either verbally, emotionally, or physically.  This can happen in person or online.  If you are being bullyied or know someone who is being bullyied you should report it.  You can speak to any trusted adult on campus and they will help you.  You can also fill out a
BULLY REPORT and turn it in to Mrs. Juarros, Ms. Kerr, or Mr. Sinor.